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By 2021, cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually—and the most common threats are internal attacks from malicious insiders. IT is now responsible for managing a larger attack surface than ever, thanks to end users relying on personal devices for work, and accessing cloud apps and corporate resources from remote locations. How can you

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The new workplace is becoming virtual, with the majority of the Australian workforce now working remotely, either full or part-time. For many of us, remote work requires quick adjustments in how we connect with our team and stay productive and engaged. We’re sharing some of the best practices we’ve recommended to our employees to staying

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Moving at short notice from a trusted office environment to working remotely can create security risks. On top of this, nasty opportunist crooks are already using the coronavirus as subject matter for their phishing scams, hoping that the unwary will click through and hand over passwords or other data.  We share our best tips to

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Business continuity management is the process of identifying risks to your organisation and exploring solutions. Proper business continuity planning involves creating a set of priorities and first steps in response to any incident. It also requires understanding what’s feasible and achievable after an event. This means business continuity management must be mindful of budgets, resources,

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