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Security analytics is an approach to digital security that analyzes data to detect anomalies, unusual user behavior, and other threats. It aggregates data from across the entire ecosystem and turns that data into actionable insights — so that IT can quickly act to minimize risks. Advanced features like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)

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A message from our Teba CEO, Steve Psaradellis regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic. Teba is continued to be committed to providing the support you need to keep your employees safe and operations running throughout the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic in Australia. COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to impact people and organisations around Australia with Teba remaining committed to

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Most, if not all, organisations today are looking to the cloud to become more agile and simplify operations. But it’s not always blue skies ahead, especially when it comes to the complexity of managing cloud resources alongside existing legacy infrastructure. It should come as no surprise that 82% of organisations say complexity is hindering their

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An SD-WAN architecture can be easily scaled to support new users and branch offices through automatic zero-touch provisioning. Moreover, it delivers optimal performance for cloud apps via dynamic path selection and resiliency against service outages and degradations. For workers in modern digital workspaces, the advanced technology behind an SD-WAN ensures a superior user experience. It

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Our leaders, Craig Stones, National Practice Manager & Steve Psaradellis, CEO @ Teba presenting at the Citrix APJ Summit in Perth, Western Australia. As we move forward with our leading Citrix solutions into 2020, we were recently humbled to be recognised at the recent Citrix APJ Summit 2019 in Australia as Citrix Cloud Partner of

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Citrix SD-WAN solves sophisticated routing with ease providing optimal network connectivity between enterprise branch offices or outlets and their Citrix Workspace. Whether it’s hosted on-premises or in the cloud, it improves user experience and in turn, reduces costs. SD-WAN instances across an enterprise intranet communicate with a real-time view of the network, whether they’re hosted

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Here are five cybersecurity tips for business travelers that are also great tips for anyone planning a holiday abroad. 1. Lock Devices Down Most smartphones, laptops, and tablets come equipped with security settings that will enable you to lock the device using a PIN number or fingerprint ID. Do this on every available device. While

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