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Employers that are serious about having healthy business in the current reality must take the mental health of their employees seriously. Staying at home without zero in-person contacts and social activities can be detrimental to mental health, except when the situation is properly managed. This is even more pertinent in regions where the risk of

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With the novel COVID-19 gaining more ground, social isolation has become a concern for everyone.  Increased measures are being put in place by government and health organisations to keep everyone safe. While employers are not entirely prepared to entirely stop work, the situation has warranted some mandatory changes in the work system. Now, more than

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The future of the workplace is about harnessing the future of individuals. As we evolve, we become increasingly dependent on mobile devices, we work faster, become less tolerant of inefficient processes and technologies. From this, we expect changes in the workplace. By 2025, it’s estimated that 75% of the workforce across the globe will be

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Several years ago our Accounts Manager, Lynn, was instrumental in paving the way for part of what makes our company, and the solutions we provide clients, so effective. As someone who functions best in a peaceful environment, Lynn would arrive early to work long before the other staff, knowing she could get far more accomplished

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