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Do You Need to Stick Your Head in the Cloud?

Many businesses are going cloud crazy requesting IT managers get all systems ‘into the cloud’ without stopping to think; is this really what your business needs?

Many businesses are going cloud crazy requesting IT managers get all systems ‘into the cloud’ without stopping to think; is this really what your business needs?

 If so, why?

One of our prospective clients who jumped into the cloud was paying a huge monthly amount to be there; this is common, however, this client was completely unaware of how much of this cost was unnecessary. Their gravest mistake was failing to assess why they wanted to be in the cloud.  We sat with the client and found there was a much better way to do this.

Why are many businesses going crazy over the cloud?

When CDs first came out in the 1980s it didn’t take long for the music industry to become revolutionised by its capabilities. The overall mindset of consumers was that once convenience and cost reached tenable levels, they outweighed the value of nostalgia and familiarity. The consumers took the natural step from cassette tapes to CDs. 

By and large, this is a common attitude towards cloud technology. It’s a new technology, it’s convenient, efficient and easy to get into. Why not just jump in with both feet and reap the benefits? 

The problem is that cloud technology has far greater impact than simply moving up a step in technology. The ramifications for poor implementation, lack of awareness of internal and external dangers, and lack of safeguards are far more significant and costly. 

Sticking your head in the cloud isn’t like using a CD; it’s like using a car. If you make a mistake, or the design is faulty, there can be disastrous consequences. 

As cloud technology advances, we’ve seen more and more situations where poor implementation has resulted in issues that far outweigh the initially perceived convenience of jumping into the cloud. 

Among our own clients, we’ve seen circumstances where using third party cloud systems like Dropbox has opened previously unseen doors for external attacks and information loss. 

When new technologies are immensely convenient, whether it’s a car or cloud storage, there can be a tendency for things to move forward too fast into situations that can’t be backed out of as quickly. 

While convenience is attractive, the trick is not to let it distract you from the dangers. Parachuting off a cliff is more convenient than walking in terms of speed, but if you don’t know how to use one properly you’re in for a very inconvenient landing. 

Cloud technology is an innovation that makes information storage and accessibility more convenient than it has ever been, but without full awareness of its context and optimal implementation, the unseen costs can hurt you. The technology isn’t a standalone item. All CD players function in essentially the same way; the application and safeguards of cloud technology will always be different pending the needs and capacity of each organisation.

At teba our partnership with Citrix enables us to empower businesses with cloud solutions as well as the goals of ensuring optimal performance and security. We help integrate the convenience of cloud technology with your existing IT infrastructure. 

We have the training and experience to know that using the cloud is not an all or nothing process.  Hybrid technology is a viable option that many of our clients take advantage of. Limitations to cloud-only technologies, or a single type of cloud (like those offered by Amazon or Google) are situations we avoid. 

Some clients keep information on premises and the cloud. We supply hardware and software that synergise your physical and digital products together. Citrix technologies are designed with the specific intent to make the information flow seamlessly, no matter what it’s passing through.  Click here for more information regarding our cutting edge Citrix solutions and cloud needs. 

When sticking your head in the cloud, it’s vital to have the right perception of what that activity means. 

Are you aware of what your options are?

Are you simply upgrading from one platform to another? 

We were able to help that client who were spending a significant monthly amount.  We discovered the unnecessary costs in maintaining all the cloud servers, which they didn’t use half the time. By optimising their usage, we were able to save them over $10,000 per month.

Contact us to discover how we can optimise your cloud needs.