Time is something that needs to be guarded and managed to be productive, efficient, and effective. However, time management is also one of the biggest challenges with today’s world, demanding more for less. For IT leaders, it’s vital to ensure time is spent on critical activities. Here are four time-saving top tips for implementing straight away.

Utilise the power of the Cloud

For many, it’s called the”inevitable” solution. More and more enterprises are taking advantage of the tremendous potential offered by Cloud platforms and technologies.

The right tools can unlock business productivity, and the Cloud is a great place to start. Not only is the Cloud designed to improve collaboration and access to information, but it also promotes security and business efficiency.

Of course, applications and information need to be secure to deliver the required functionality, but using collaborative Cloud-based applications can drastically speed up time-intensive activities and operations and promote a more collaborative, team approach.

Ditch what doesn’t work

You might’ve heard the expression, don’t flog a dead horse… The same applies here. Just because you’ve been doing something for a long time, doesn’t mean it is the right way to do it. Processes and practices can become inefficient and out-of-date. Challenge the status quo and think about new technologies that can deliver greater efficiencies.

You should know what systems and processes have been around for a long time, and where your time is being spent. Do an audit of the technology you have in place and keep track of where your time is being spent most. If it’s not on a business-critical activity, ditch it, or find a way to automate or improve it. Again, Cloud technology is readily available to help this process and a ton of automation tools to free up admin-intensive activities.

Discover problems, then let your team decide

Communication within the team is essential for saving time and empowering your workforce. The technology isn’t the only enabler, people are. IT professionals are typically problem-solvers, well-used to handling errors, and dealing with them. Once an issue has been exposed, let your team attempt to tackle it rather than dedicating your own time. You can spend hours trying to solve problems when your team is well-placed to do so for you.

Quite often, you’ll get a quicker outcome as your team will choose their tools and solutions for solving the problem, rather than you having to tell and then show them. Plus, your team will be better placed for dealing with similar issues in the future.

Clean up email use to win back time

Email is still the number one method of communication for businesses, especially for external use. However, it is also a significant productivity drain and workplace stressor.

Too many leaders are inundated with emails and spend too much time reading and responding to every email, sometimes missing the urgent ones. While behavioural changes, such as putting aside dedicated time to respond and read emails, stopping unnecessary email chains, and turning off email notifications when doing other work, can improve productivity, new technologies can also help. Today’s AI technology can sort and solve your email headache. Embrace email management technology to help you organise your inbox and turn it from a time-drain to an active to-do list. Don’t be chained to your inbox.

Give these a try and find what works best for you. If it doesn’t suit your needs or working style, don’t be afraid to abandon it and try something else. Just remember, eliminating time-wasting processes and activities will help streamline your entire operations.

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