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Compared to the advancements in compute and storage virtualization, networking has fallen behind in fully realizing the promise of enterprise cloud computing.

The dynamic nature of cloud services requires a new level of flexibility and scalability, which goes beyond the capabilities of today’s data center networks.

Transitioning to Teba’s software-defined networking (SDN) incorporates programmability and agility into your network, enabling it to keep pace with your organization’s demands.




Citrix Solution

Redefining the ADC

Applications are critical to run your business, and you depend on your ADC to run your apps. Your ADC and apps used to live in the data center. But today, your applications are everywhere—like the cloud or in DevOps environments. And digital business transformation is changing how they are built, deployed, and managed.

  • Grow network capacity on demand

  • Deliver any enterprise application securely

  • Improve application performance for mobile, remote, branch users and more

  • Automate your application delivery controllers on demand

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