Our business.

As Australia’s unrivalled EUC specialist, we empower and teach people new ways of doing things. We get a thrill when we help our clients to reduce their workload and stress by sharing the best technologies and techniques to get results, especially technologies that enable people to remain productive even when they’re not at their desk.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is very simple:

We create win-win relationships (for our clients, our partners and us) – working with the “Rolls Royce” calibre vendors.

We partner with other IT companies with specialisations that we don’t have; if a project involves an area we’re not experts in, we bring in relevant specialists so that our clients won’t have to deal with multiple vendors for one solution. That way we take full responsibility, and our clients only need to talk to us to get the outcomes and resolve challenges.

Trusted by many of Australia’s largest companies:
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Our Values.


We keep our promises.


We create win win win relationships for our clients, our partners and our team.


We are specialists in what we do, and we partner with other specialists for everything else.


We deliver with Quality, ensuring we complete what we start.

Meet the Team.

Steven Psaradellis

CEO & Enterprise Network Architect

Craig Stones

National Practice Manager

Alan Hodson

Enterprise Architect and Project Lead

Chandell Labbozzetta

Sales Manager

Cherry Impas

Head of Internal Sales Operations

Our credentials and certifications
Partner Platinum Mobility Specialist
Partner Platinum Networking Specialist
Partner Platinum Solution Advisor
Partner Platinum Solution Advisor Specialist
Partner Platinum Virtualization Specialist
Partner Solution Advisor