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The new workplace is becoming virtual, with the majority of the Australian workforce now working remotely, either full or part-time. For many of us, remote work requires quick adjustments in how we connect with our team and stay productive and engaged. We’re sharing some of the best practices we’ve recommended to our employees to staying

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Employers that are serious about having healthy business in the current reality must take the mental health of their employees seriously. Staying at home without zero in-person contacts and social activities can be detrimental to mental health, except when the situation is properly managed. This is even more pertinent in regions where the risk of

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With the novel COVID-19 gaining more ground, social isolation has become a concern for everyone.  Increased measures are being put in place by government and health organisations to keep everyone safe. While employers are not entirely prepared to entirely stop work, the situation has warranted some mandatory changes in the work system. Now, more than

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