For the past several years, hospital systems have tentatively begun to experiment with public clouds. The attractiveness of moving certain workloads to the cloud and the potential cost savings had to be balanced with the issue of data security.

Citrix electronic health records EHR partners have begun to invest in public cloud testing with Microsoft, Amazon, Google and others. Logically, our partners have begun to test, and in many cases, support Citrix Cloud services as a tool to support EHR application delivery.

Citrix Cloud services differ from conventional cloud offerings by enabling application access in any public, private cloud, as well as on-premises applications that might reside within the hospital’s datacenter. At its heart, Citrix Cloud simply moves the Citrix management plane to a hosted environment, which is managed, maintained, and kept evergreen by Citrix and its team of highly skilled engineers. Whether you decide to move all applications to a cloud platform, or have specific application and or data requirements that need to remain on-premises, hospital leaders have the ability to host what they need, where they need it and manage it all through the same pane of glass. It is important to note that Citrix Cloud does not store your actual patient data, rather that resides in the location of your choice (on-premises or in a public cloud).

Whether it is presenting clinical applications or hosting virtual desktops via Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops, securely connecting people and places with Citrix ADC, using Citrix Unified Endpoint Management and Citrix Content Collaboration to deploy and manage mobile users and their devices, and securely connect end-users with the data they need to operate efficiently, Citrix has the right solution for your needs.

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