A message from our Teba CEO, Steve Psaradellis regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Teba is continued to be committed to providing the support you need to keep your employees safe and operations running throughout the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic in Australia.

COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to impact people and organisations around Australia with Teba remaining committed to ensuring you have the Citrix technology resources you need to manage the situation as it unfolds.

From insights and best practices to dedicated support services and special solution offers that can help speed the adoption of remote work and fuel business continuity, we’ve got you covered.

We continue to encourage employee adoption of Citrix solutions using our resources on our website. You’ll find user guides, communications tools, and instructions to help users get up and running quickly with our solutions such as Citrix SD-WAN, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix Intelligent Workspace and Citrix Managed Services.


Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions


At Teba, we are committed to helping organisations enable a flexible workspace infrastructure that allows employees to continue to work safely and remotely. We’re happy to help with your business continuity strategy and needs.

1. Does Teba have Business Continuity Plans in place in response to the current pandemic?

Yes. We at Teba maintain a detailed Business Continuity plan to ensure business-critical functions and services are able to operate normally following a wide range of disruptive events.

Our Response Plan specifically includes the following:


  • Provisions for the safety of our Teba employees, customers, our partners and suppliers.




  • Mitigations for business disruptions to critical services.




  • Identification of business interdependencies.




  • Frequent and comprehensive internal and external communications.


3. How has your ability to meet business obligations been impacted now that COVID-19 has become a pandemic? Have any Citrix products and services been affected so far?

We are following Citrix as well as our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans to ensure the resiliency of our products and services through the outbreak of COVID-19. At this time, all Teba’s Citrix products and solutions we offer remain fully available.

4. Have your tech support services been impacted by mandates that people work from home?
No. With Citrix Workspace, our virtual applications and desktops provide our Teba employees the ability to seamlessly work from home.

5. Will you be able to maintain your cloud services?
Yes. Our Cloud Services operations are geographically dispersed around the world and our operations team is able to manage services remotely, including while working from home.

6. In the event of the quarantine of a large number of Citrix employees, how would you address potential system outages?
A quarantine requirement would not restrict our ability to manage operations. Our Cloud Services operations are geographically dispersed around the world and our operations team is able to manage services remotely, including while working from home.

7. How is Teba protecting its workforce?
The health and safety of our community is our highest priority. We are closely monitoring developments and following guidance from Australia government agencies and other health authorities in Australia.  Based on such guidance, we have restricted all non-essential travel. We have also expanded our work-from-home policy and advised all employees to work remotely with the exception of those whose work cannot be performed offsite.

9. How will you communicate with customers? Will your help desk remain available?
We continue to communicate through normal media and client relations channels. Our Teba help desk remains available during business hours for technical assistance with around the clock on-call support.

In addition, we are proactively reaching out to our customers and companies to ensure their work from home readiness so that they too can keep their employees safe and operations running as the global crisis continues to unfold and have created a dedicated business continuity page on our website where they can access insights, best practices and contact information for our service.

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