An SD-WAN architecture can be easily scaled to support new users and branch offices through automatic zero-touch provisioning. Moreover, it delivers optimal performance for cloud apps via dynamic path selection and resiliency against service outages and degradations.

For workers in modern digital workspaces, the advanced technology behind an SD-WAN ensures a superior user experience. It enables reliable, secure access to cloud apps, including bandwidth-intensive real-time solutions for VoIP and video. SD-WAN is essential to enabling consistent workflows across multiple devices, cloud services and locations.



An SD-WAN architecture can be easily scaled to support new users and branch offices through automatic zero-touch provisioning.


Advantages of SD-WAN

A well-implemented SD-WAN solution from an experienced and reputable provider are wide-reaching:

  • More predictable and reliable application performance, which helps support users in any digital workspace, across all connections.
  • Superior connection security for cloud applications, without the performance tradeoffs of MPLS backhauling congestion reduction due to lack of bandwidth or brownouts with aggregation of bandwidth via multiple bonded and disparate or redundant links
  • More reliable access to apps and fewer slowdowns due to congestion
  • Resiliency and redundancy with fast failover when outages impact WAN connections
  • Quality of service for prioritising business-critical application traffic
  • Fast deployments that fuel business agility when bringing applications online at a branch office, or simply changing the configurations. Zero-touch provisioning allows fast set up of sites in minutes with local staff instead of hours or days
  • Reduced network transport costs and more flexibility through the use of MPLS-alternatives like broadband and cellular. Quick procurement of bandwidth from multiple transport services, contrast to the long lead times needed with legacy WAN carrier-based technologies
  • Simplified administration with a centralised console eliminates the complexity of configuring edge devices in the field
  • Deep SD-WAN analytics to monitor links for performance characteristics. Analytics benefit administrators who can use them when troubleshooting problems across the WAN.
  • Simpler branch office infrastructure that doesn’t require management of as many single-function devices
  • Intelligent traffic steering and dynamic path selection
  • Integrated security with leading 3rd-party solutions, including those for SaaS security


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