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Time is something that needs to be guarded and managed to be productive, efficient, and effective. However, time management is also one of the biggest challenges with today’s world, demanding more for less. For IT leaders, it’s vital to ensure time is spent on critical activities. Here are four time-saving top tips for implementing straight

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By 2021, cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually—and the most common threats are internal attacks from malicious insiders. IT is now responsible for managing a larger attack surface than ever, thanks to end users relying on personal devices for work, and accessing cloud apps and corporate resources from remote locations. How can you

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For the past several years, hospital systems have tentatively begun to experiment with public clouds. The attractiveness of moving certain workloads to the cloud and the potential cost savings had to be balanced with the issue of data security. Citrix electronic health records EHR partners have begun to invest in public cloud testing with Microsoft,

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